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Massage for World Peace, LLC

Cancelation Policy:

No show fee $35 without 24 hour prior cancelation notice. 

Please respect our time as we respect yours


Pricing for cash clients paying at time of service.  

Massage - with or without Hot Rock

60 minutes………..$75

90 minutes………...$100

120 minutes………..$140


Package Rates

3 Pack ($25 off our regular rates)

60 minute package of three……….$200.00

90 minute package of three………..$275.00


5 Pack (Buy 4 get 1 free)

60 minute package of five…..$300.00 (regular $375)

90 minute package of five…..$400.00 (regular $500)


Raindrop Therapy

Add $15 to any per treatment


Medical Massage/Injury Treatment



· $35per unit billed*

· 4 units per hour

· Verified insurance only with provider’s written treatment plan or prescription including diagnostic codes and duration.

· Labor and Industry or Personal Injury at this time please.  

*Doctor’s written script is required and subject to benefits coverage.
Always contact your insurance company to verify benefits, coverage,
deductibles and copays.

FAQ For Insurance Coverage

At this time, Massage for World Peace is only accepting Cash, Check, or Credit Card, Personal injury or Labor & Industry and Group Health.  We also accept Flexible Spending Cards or Health Savings Accounts.  Personal Injury Protection
P.I.P. is an option you can purchase on your auto insurance. If you are in an accident and you are injured, you will be glad to have P.I.P. coverage. It offers a wider spectrum of health care over most HMOs without so many hoops. If there is a motor vehicle accident, P.I.P covers mainstream Dr. care as well as massage therapy, chiropractic care, physical therapy, post-traumatic-stress counseling, and acupuncture. P.I.P. coverage can be found if:

*You are the driver whether it is your car or not.
*You are the passenger.
*The person who owns the car has it on their policy but was not present in the accident.
*The person who hit you and is at fault. In this instance it is called third party P.I.P. and should be handled with a lawyer involved.
It is against the law for any insurance company to raise your rates if you use your P.I.P. coverage.

Labor & Industry
Washington State Labor & Industry is an insurance plan every employer pays into just incase the unfortunate instance an employee gets hurt on the job. A primary physician must write a prescription for massage. The case worker assigned from L & I must first approve massage therapy as well. After that, six sessions at a time will be approved.  Update: Washington State Labor & Industry will no longer cover massage therapy for shoulder injuries.

Managed Care Insurance

We provide the billing as a courtesy to our patients thus greatly reducing the stress of paperwork. However be aware that you, the patient, are responsible for payment of services. So the more you know the process and have your insurance information in order, the more likely you can use it hassle free and save yourself any costly or embarrassing circumstances.
Within the state of Washington massage is covered under many different insurance options. Although not all insurances have massage as an option, most do. For massage to be covered, it has to be considered medically necessary (i.e. you had an accident or you are in physical pain, sorry stress doesn’t count) and most policies require a prescription or referral from a doctor. The first step is to call your insurance company to find out the particulars of your plan. What you need to know are as follows:

*Is a prescription required or does the plan offer self-referral options?
*All prescriptions require diagnostic codes and a duration of the treatments for it to be valid.
*Does the referral need to be filled by your primary care physician or can a chiropractor or physical therapist fill it?
*Is there a deductible?
*Is there a co-pay or a co-insurance to be met?
*What is the maximum amount allowed for complementary therapy? This encompasses massage therapy, chiropractic care, physical therapy, and acupuncture. This can include maximum visits or dollar amount.
*Some policies require a pre-authorization code from the insurance company.

Price List/Insurance Stuff

Monday through Saturday By Appointment Only Please

Phone: (425) 793-7505


Monday through Saturday By Appointment Only Please

Phone: (425) 793-7505