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Massage for World Peace, LLC

We offer a variety of modalities to our clients.  What is done in a session is determined by your needs at the time of the appointment. 



There is a lot more to aromatherapy than most people think. Much more than it just smelling pretty. Aromatherapy stimulates on both a physiological and emotional level. They give direct access to our limbic system (emotional brain) and our amigdila, a part of our olfactory bulb that switches “on” our higher thinking aspects of the brain. Therapeutic grade essential oils can also increase oxygen in the body and be used as an antiviral, antispasmodic, cellular memory release, antiseptic etc... Essential oils were used as the world’s first medicine back in early history. They can be diffused in the air, mixed into massage oil, put on full strength on certain parts of the body for certain protocols, or in some indications, ingested. Often single oils will be blended together for desired effects. And when used in the hands of a skilled professional, enhances a massage experience to a new level of therapeutics and relaxation.



This is a massage routine that incorporates therapeutic grade essential oils known for their powerful antiviral, anti-microbial, antispasmodic properties. The theory behind this therapy is that many contortions and disfigurements of the spine are due to viruses and bacteria lying dormant along the spine causing inflammation. The sequence and layering effect of Raindrop Therapy is designed to address this issue. The experience of a Raindrop Massage is quite often more relaxing and longer lasting than a massage without the oils. I find Raindrop Therapy to be an excellent tool for my practice and a lot of fun to do. The transformation that I’ve seen with my clients who opt for an occasional Raindrop treatment along with their regular massage program has been remarkably significant. The primary oils used in a Raindrop treatment are: Oregano, Thyme, Basil, Marjoram, Wintergreen, Cypress, and Peppermint along with two special oil blends, Valor and Aroma Siez. These and other oils may be added or deleted from your Raindrop massage according to your needs.
Try one soon and see what you have been missing!


Visceral Manipulation

The body is full of rhythms.   The visceral rhythm can be palpated in every organ in the thorax, abdomen, and pelvis by one trained in visceral.   Restrictions in the visceral rhythm can be caused by trauma, surgery, or any form of inflammation.  This can lead to pain and/or dysfunction in the organs or trendle out to pain or restriction in other parts of the body.  The possibilities are astounding as to what visceral manipulation can do for one’s health and to help prevent future infirmities.    Visceral Manipulation can stand on its own for a treatment, but is also very complimentary to any kind of massage and especially with Craniosacral.

 Craniosacral Therapy 

A subtle but effective type of body work that is great for all kinds of issues. By measuring and influencing the cerebral spinal rhythm, the practitioner can treat the patient with very little pressure. CST is great for headaches, TMJ, backaches, insomnia, chronic pain, respiratory problems, and much more. The patient remains fully clothed and no oil is used with CST. It can also be incorporated in your massage as it is very complimentary to deep tissue. CST is deeply relaxing and can be extra beneficial for anxiety.


Injury Treatment 

      Injury treatment is an umbrella term for a massage that addresses the specific issues of a person’s injuries. Injury Treatment has protocols for both acute (sudden) injury, and chronic (on-going) injuries. Insurance coverage is for injury treatment (sorry, stress doesn’t count).


Myofascial Release 

Myofascial Release is a specific form of treatment massage that specifically addresses bound up fascia in areas of chronic pain. Fascia is connective tissue found in every space of the body. Fascia forms the framework for our body’s shape. A bound up framework can impinge every structure that it grows through contorting posture and creating chronic conditions that get worse with time. Pain can be an indication of bound up fascia thus causing constriction and decrease range of motion in other areas of the body, e.g. A rotated hip can lead to knee, ankle, and/or low back pain. Unwinding fascia can be methodical and occasionally uncomfortable to receive and is considered clinical massage, not relaxation although there are some people who find the experience quite enjoyable.


Deep Tissue is a technique incorporating slow steady strokes, direct pressure and breath work. It works on the principle that the interstitial fluid becomes solidified in areas of chronic pain. The practitioner finds the right depth of tension within the muscle and dissolves the interstitial fluid with pressure and heat from their hands. Deep tissue is most effective in treating trigger points, area of radiating or traveling pain.



Energy Medicine 

An umbrella term for eclectic energy work. Borrowing from a vast array of polarity, Reiki, sound toning, vibration-energy alignments, color therapy, intuitive healing, feng shui, and the likes, energy medicine embraces the belief whatever works is more important than the lineage or the certification. Given, it is an on-going evolution and experiment for the practitioner that embraces the term ‘energy medicine’



Reiki is Japanese for
Universal Energy. It is a form of healing using a system of symbols and attunements. Reiki can be a hands on or a distance healing experience. The profound subtleties of Reiki can be incorporated with massage or stand alone as a separate treatment. Reiki is good for situations beyond massage therapy (i.e. infection, trauma, cancer, emotional conditions, etc...). People who practice Reiki open themselves up to a whole new world of possibilities for helping others and themselves. People are important.


Lymph Drainage 


The lymph system is a one-way circulatory system that runs parallel with veins. Lymph starts in the capillary beds of the feet and hands and drains towards the trunk of the body. Lymph nodes are little nodules of lymph tissue that are found generally in the folds or creases of the body (behind the knees, groin, armpit, etc..). These lymph nodes filter out microbes and bacteria when functioning properly. Lymph deals with our body’s immune system and all interstitial fluid that is non-blood. Fluid retention and lowered immune response can be directly related to a sluggish lymph system. Lymph Drainage is a specific routine and technique that focuses on the lymph system. The strokes are slow, rhythmic, and directed towards the main ducts of the lymph system. The results of lymph drainage are: elevated immune response, increased energy and better elimination processes.



Lomi Lomi means “loving hands” and also “to break up into little bits” in Hawaiian. Lomi Lomi is a free-style of massage that incorporates lots of connecting strokes, rhythm, range of motion, pressure points and flow. Forearms and elbows are the practitioner’s main tools. This type of massage can be adjusted to either light or deep, treatment or relaxation.


Intra Oral Therapy

Why work inside the mouth?  Well, several indications for intra-oral therapy may be but not limited to: headaches, dental trauma, deviation of the nasal septum, difficulty swallowing, some forms of whiplash, impacted teeth, tmj dysfunction, and so much more.  Washington State has opened intra-oral therapy certification to massage therapists in 2009.  Anne and Ed are both certified intra-oral practitioners. 


Hot Rock Massage 

An ancient technique that has been made popular again in recent trends in massage. Hot rock massage enhances the massage experience with the heat and firmness. The rocks are heated in hot water an used as extensions to the practitioner’s hands. They are the rubbed quickly over the surface of the skin, placed in strategic areas of the body for desired results, and used for direct pressure for trigger points. Most people have a hard time telling the difference between the hot rocks and hot hands. Mixed with a raindrop treatment or by itself, hot rock massage can enhance massage to new levels of relaxation.




Ever have a massage in water?  Since 2011, Anne has logged 225 hours in Aquatic therapy training.  This includes WATSU, of which she will be certified later this year.   WATSU, short for water Zen shiatsu, is a popular type of aquatic bodywork where the client gets to relax in a heated pool and the practitioner can do either a routine or freestyle water treatment.  It is a new dimension of relaxation and treatment.  Often, more gets done in one pool therapy than several massages on the table.  Please call and ask about our aquatics program as it develops and becomes more available to the public.  Want to learn more about WATSU?  Check out these links that demonstrate what you might expect: